Mount Kilimanjaro Maps

Explore Kili with this interactive map of Mt. Kilimanjaro

On this page you find an interactive Mt. Kilimanjaro map to play with.

You can follow all the individual climb routes, see the glaciers and the ash cone... Or you can see how you get to Kilimanjaro in the first place.

Below that you can find a list of other Kilimanjaro maps:
Some printable maps, maps of Kilimanjaro that you can buy, topographical maps, tourist maps...

(At least I hope to add those soon.)

If you are not sure where Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania, here is an overview map of Tanzania to put things into perspective.

Using The Kilimanjaro Map

Use the little arrows to move around, or just click on the map and drag it. Double click on any location to centre the map on that location.

The (+) and (-) buttons let you zoom in and out.

Click on the "Satellite" button to get a real life bird's eye view, and on the "Hybrid" button to have the satellite image overlaid with the map.

Have fun playing with it!

Interactive Map of Kilimanjaro

If you switch to satellite view and zoom in, you can actually follow all the individual Kilimanjaro climb routes to the crater and peak. You see the glaciers, the ash cone, the location of the bigger camps and huts...

Zoom in close enough you can even see the (blurry) tents!

Unfortunately that detail is only shown once you get in real close, so this map is not much good as a Kilimanjaro route map.

What you can see here is the whole area around Kilimanjaro National Park:

The green area is obviously the national park (Arusha National Park, the location of Mount Meru, is also shown.

So is Amboseli National Park in Kenya, the park from where all those classic Kilimanjaro pictures were taken. (You know, the photos with elephants or giraffe in front of Kilimanjaro...)

You can see the two major towns Arusha and Moshi. You also see Machame and Marangu, the two best known villages and national park gates, starting points of the Machame route and Marangu route, respectively.

To the north, on the Kenyan border, is Loitokitok (called Oloitokitok on this map.) That's the beginning of the Rongai route.

The beginning of the Shira route and Lemosho route is not so obvious when looking at this scale, but it's to the west, on the left hand border of the park, near "Engare Nairobi".

What it takes to climb Kilimanjaro

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