Kilimanjaro National Park: Fees

Like most entry fees in northern Tanzanian parks, the entry fees for Mount Kilimanjaro National Park are astronomical.

It is not something that needs to concern you, as this fee is included in the price when you book a Kilimanjaro climb.
It is, however, interesting to know...

Kilimanjaro Park Fees

You pay once

Rescue Fee: $20

You pay per day

Your Entry Fee: $70 (listed as "Conservation Fee" on the Tanzania Parks website)
Guide and Porter Entrance Fees: TZS 3500 (about $1.70 and includes entry and camping/hut fees)

You'll end up with 3-5 staff per climber, depending on the size of your group.

You pay per night

Hut/Camping Fee: $60/$50

The prices are valid until June 2024. You can look up all Kilimanjaro fees yourself on the Tanzania Parks page (PDF).

(On a positive note: These fees have not gone up in many years which is highly unusual compared to other national parks around the world.)

Add up those figures and work out how much of the whole cost of your Kilimanjaro climb goes towards park fees.

Now look at the whole price for your climb and work out what's left to pay guides and porters, for your equipment and food, the maintenance of the gear, the transfer vehicles, the training of the staff, etc. Not to mention admin staff, licensing fees (thousands per year) and other overheads the operators have to cover.

For the cheapest sensible option, a six day/five night climb, your park fees already add up to around $800! Let's see where the rest of your money goes...

The true cost of climbing Kilimanjaro

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