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First hand, practical and complete information about climbing Kilimanjaro is hard to find.
I guess that's why many tourists are shockingly unprepared when they arrive at the mountain...
No wonder the success rates on Kilimanjaro are so dismal!
I believe everybody deserves the best possible chance to make it to the top.

If you have questions about climbing Kilimanjaro, like...

  • Which route is the best, which is the easiest, which has the highest success rates?
  • Which tour operator should you go with?
  • What will it all cost?
  • What do you need to buy and pack?
  • How much much and what training do you need to do?
  • How do you get there?
  • Which time of the year is good? And how much time do you need?
  • How do you avoid altitude sickness? How much should you tip your porters? ...

...then make sure you get the free Kilimanjaro Pocket Guide.

What is the Kilimanjaro Pocket Guide?

The Kilimanjaro Pocket Guide gives you a good idea of what you're in for and helps you to prepare for your Kilimanjaro climb. It answers all the questions above and more. It also includes a packing list and trip countdown check list, a Swahili phrase list and similarly helpful things.

Much of the information in the free, printable guide is also on the website. I made it printable so you can take all the information with you (and because a checklist for buying or packing stuff is not much good on a website...)

Let's face it, it's not easy to read your way through all the pages on a website! A printable format is more accessible and user friendly.

I hope you like the booklet and that it helps!

There is only one little problem with it: just like the website, the booklet isn't finished yet. I hope I will be able to finish it soon, but I dare say it's still a couple of months away. (That's the problem with things we do for free. I have bills like everyone else so my paid work always has priority...)

I am really sorry if that is too late for you and hope you found some help on the website pages.

If you think the guide will still be of use to you in a couple of months, then put down your name to be notified. Just fill in the box below, and you'll get a short email when it's ready for download.

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What happens once you click "Subscribe":

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Sorry that it's so complicated, but internet law requires that you confirm it's really you who requested the notification. Otherwise anyone could put your name in there, just to annoy you with the emails you would be getting...

There is absolutely no catch, all of this really is free and totally without strings, and I hope you will find it useful!

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